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Safe to Host Certificates

We are a CERT-IN empaneled security auditing company. On successful security testing, we issue safe to host certificates for web applications to host in production


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Safe to Host Certificate service by ValueMentor

ValueMentor Consulting LLP, a security service provider empaneled by CERT-IN for performing security tests of critical information infrastructure including web applications to validate if it is safe to host.

Safe to Host Certificates

Our security Testing team performs complete application security tests that can result in you achieving safe to host certificate

CERT-IN Security Testing

We are performing CERT-IN Security Testing for 8 years and has completed more than 500 safe to host security testing as per CERT-IN guidelines

Application Security Audits

Application Security audits identifies the weaknesses and the threats that could exploit them. Fixing the vulnerabilities leads to safe to host certificates

Get your Safe to Host Certificate

Security testing web applications for 8 years

Protection of critical information is vital to the success of organizations and the country. Hosting applications without a safe-to-host certificate leads to adversaries exploiting the application vulnerabilities resulting in data breaches.

Safe to Host Certification Process

Initial Test

  • OWASP Scans using commercial tools
  • Application Security Tests for known vulnerabilities
  • Manual Security Testing for finding vulnerabilities not found by the scanners
  • Initial Security Testing report


  • Our report include the remediation actions to be taken by the client for each identified vulnerability
  • Remediation to be performed by clients
  • Our security analysts will provide guidance if required


  • We will perform re-tests once the client confirms the remediation is complete.
  • RE-tests include verification and validation of vulnerability closures
  • Issue of re-test reports, if open items remain


  • Security analysts performs verification of all open items
  • Reviews the vulnerability closure status
  • Confirms the application is safe to host
  • Issues the safe to host certificate.

Get your Safe to Host Certificate

Initial Security Test

The first step towards getting the Safe to Host certificate is to perform the initial security test of the application. The test includes the following:

  • Automated OWASP Scan
  • Application Security Tests
  • Manual Security Testing
  • Initial Test report with remedial recommendations


Our report will provide remedial actions to be taken on the application so that the application can be certified as safe to host.

Our helpful team will provide the required guidance to fix the vulnerabilities in the application. 



Re-tests are performed to validate the closure of the vulnerabilities identified and its readiness to host

  • Re-validation test
  • Review of the closures

Safe to Host Certificate

On successful remediation of all vulnerabilities identified, we will issue the Safe to Host Certificate. The certificate is presented to NIC or other relevant authorities for hosting the production application.

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